You never know…until you go!

11 Jul


Recently my husband decided on a whim to take me on a weekend get-away. We packed a bag and hopped in the car. Since I had no time to plan I decided to book our hotel room through a third party site. The young lady that helped me, over the phone, was super friendly and professional she quickly found what sounded like the perfect room at the price range I was looking for. She even told me there were no cancellation penalties before she took my card number and confirmed my reservation.

We were both excited…until we arrived. Pulling into the parking lot we discovered we had booked a motel not a hotel, meaning the doors were on the outside. I knew I was in trouble because for some reason hubby hates these type rooms.

He immediately wanted the money back, mind you we had not seen the lobby, the room… nothing. Now, believe it or not; I’m not that picky about these type things, my mind set was…as long as it’s nice and clean I’d be fine.

Before we even went in he began visiting other inner room hotels to get their rates. When he found one he liked with an opening; we headed back to the one we had reserved, mind you he had not been inside either establishment. Refusing to even go in, hubby sent me in to find out the process of getting our money back. Guess what…we had been improperly informed, there were no refunds allowed. We were stuck.

He was convinced that there was no way, the room could be nice simply because the doors were on the outside. Well we got our key and went in…it was awesome! The hotel had just been bought by new owners and remodeled… he had to admit it was nice, and not at all like he thought just because of the doors being on the outside, he now had a new perspective.

I said all that to say specifically to say this to people who “don’t, do church.” You never know until you go. Not all churches are the same. Stop lumping them all together. Stop thinking your new experiences will be exactly like the old ones. No church is perfect, and yes things will happen and issues will arise, just like with our refund, because churches are building filled with people! People with differences, but that is not a bad thing.

Hebrews 10:25 says, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.”

If you can’t tell by now the world is changing, the old folks would say, “Time is winding up.”  If nothing else the church can be a source of community, family and protection in these last days, forsake it not. You’ll never know until you go.

Think about it.



Let the dead thing…go

5 Jun
Not long ago, during some at home time with my family, we watched a cartoon call Frankenweenie. This is a story about a young boy, named Victor, who wanted to be a scientist, so he spent all his time in his laboratory with his best friend, his dog Sparkie. The climax of the movie happens when one day after being encouraged to try something new by his father, the young boy goes to play baseball with some neighborhood kids. Since Sparkie is so used to playing fetch, when Victor hits the ball into the street Sparkie runs after it and is hit by a car…he doesn’t survive.
At this point Victor becomes very sad and eventually sets out to bring Sparkie back to life, and finally he does! Here is where I became inspired to write this article. See once Sparkie dies instead of moving on with his life Victor, becomes obsessed with bringing Sparkie back. Once he does bring him back he never notices the Sparkie was not the same, he was actually meant to die when he did. Victor goes though a lot of trouble creating the machine that brings Sparkie back, he then has to hide Sparkie the risen dog because he knows people will not understand or accept what he has done; but he doesn’t care. It is more important to him to hold on to the dead dog than to go on with his life. Do you know anyone like this?
Are you like Victor…holding on to a dead thing, refusing to let go even though you should? For instance a dead relationship, that you know wasn’t working anyway but you don’t want to be alone so you…hold on to it? Or perhaps you are holding on to hurt feelings for longer than you need to because you just don’t want to move on? Psalms 94:19 says, “In the multitude of my anxieties within me, your comforts delight my soul.” So no matter what old things you are holding on to, delight in the Lord and let that dead thing go. Think about it!

Don’t Do it yourself!

24 May

Recently, while watching HGTV, I saw a show called “House Crashers.” On this show the host goes to a local home improvement store like Home Depot, in search of someone who is in desperate need of renovations. If they are willing, he will follow them home and renovate one room in their house free of charge, and a room of their choice! “I wished he would come to Carrollton and find me!”

Anyway, this particular episode, he ran into a female make-up artist. She was preparing to renovate her kitchen. Once they got to her home she decided she would rather use the freebie to get the bedroom oasis of her dreams. Okay, enough background; let me get to the point. This lady, who, considered herself to be “crafty” had in my opinion, and the opinion of the host, the weirdest so called “home improvement,” decorations ever!

She stated how much she loved to decorated herself and improve her home. This chic had plastic ivy running up and down her bathroom walls, very eccentric art pieces to say the least. She even had plastic bugs snakes and spiders hot glued to her walls, and boy was she proud!

The host instantly wanted to change a lot about her home, as a matter of fact so did I! to make a long story short, at the end, though he wanted to change essentially her entire house, he only got to change one room. The rest were left with her continue to “do it herself,” in my opinion, with unflattering decorations.

I said all that to say this; sometimes in our lives, situations need the hand of a professional, namely, Jesus! Though, we are free moral agents, if we didn’t need Jesus and the Holy Spirit, He would not have come, bleed, died and rose again for us all!

No matter how good of a job we think we can do in our lives on our own, sometimes we need to “not do it ourselves.” Instead we need to look to Jesus to renovate our lives for the better! Hebrews 12:2 says, “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

To sum it up, step back and look at the “rooms,” that make up your soul. Those rooms can be your relationships, your emotions, and even your attitude. Could any of those use renovation? Well don’t do it yourself, allow Jesus to help redecorate your life!

Think about it!


23 May

If you are currently living on planet Earth, you know that on Aug. 21st, 2017, there was a total solar eclipse viewed by millions. In anticipation of this eclipse I, like many others, searched for solar eclipse glasses in order to be able to view the eclipse safely, we didn’t want to be left out. On social media, on TV and face to face, people were talking about, sharing the news of, and preparing for the eclipse. People hosted eclipse parties, they gathered together and on August 21, 2017 millions of people; women, men, boys and girls, of all ages, and races…from every financial background, from the city and from the hood, those who believe in God and those who don’t…stopped and looked to the sky. Pretty cool! But that is not my focus. What got me thinking was how so many didn’t hesitate to #1. Believe that the solar eclipse was real and really coming. And #2. They prepared for it! Millions of people made sure their family members had the necessary “equipment,” (glasses), needed for this once in a lifetime event. They also made sure to share important informational regarding the eclipse and finally no one minded sharing with others this day! I even shared my glasses with two friends and one stranger on the side of the highway! That being said, what if as many as waited, believed in, and prepared for the eclipse went to the same lengths when it comes to preparing for eternity? Though some were quoted as saying they, “couldn’t careless” about this amazing event, the vast majority was excited and more importantly prepared! My next question is, “how many of us are just as prepared for the coming of Jesus?” Are we all taking the proper steps with the same urgency to prepare our souls for an even more inevitable day than August 21st, 2017? Luke 12:40 says, “Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man (Jesus) is coming at an hour you do not expect.” So evaluate yourself right now, were you prepared for the eclipse? Are you equally as prepared for the coming of Christ? Be Ready! Think about it!

Wear it Proud!

22 Jun

I have a pendant necklace that says “Mom,” and I wear it proudly. My husband bought me a bracelet with a pendant that says “Writer,” I wear it proudly as well; these are two of the titles that I live by, though I have many. Most of us go by several titles you may be known as a supervisor, a coach, a preacher or other such titles; and most likely the titles you carry you’ve earned and you are proud of them. So many don’t want to be labeled when it comes to their religious beliefs, they feel it to be judgmental to be considered or categorized a Christian, non-Christian or what have, you but I beg to differ. I believe labels are important, especially those that come from doing something you’ve earned. Titles are very important. The Bible tells us I Thess. 5:12a NKJV, “And we urge you, brethren, to recognize those who labor among you…” Don’t you think it is important to know whether you’re dining with a thief and murderer or a kind-hearted person? In that respect isn’t a label important? Many people only wear certain designers because labels are important to them. I say it is important for people to know what you believe and if you are a Christ-like believer or titled a Christian you should wear that label very proudly. We serve a mighty gracious and awesome God, Jesus came that we might have life and that more abundantly. (John 3:16) When he died on the cross and shed His blood to set us free He was labeled our Savior, so why be ashamed to wear the label Christian? Wear it proud. Think about it!

It’s not a FAD!

15 May

Silly bands, beanie babies, electronic pets, and spinners have at least one thing in common they are all fads. A fad is defined as a temporary (short lived) fashion, notion, or manner of conduct especially one followed enthusiastically by a group. In other words, “here today, gone tomorrow.”

Have you ever seen or purchased any of these many fad items listed above? The most recent one out is the infamous Fidget Spinner. A spinning toy being sold at anywhere from $1.00 to over $100. It is said to help children concentration in school while it twirls. And before I go on, let me say; if it works, that’s great.

Whatever the intention for the spinner, it’s the hottest item out right now and in high demand, not just by children who “need it” to concentrate but by all children, all genders, races and ages. Now let me confess, both of my children have had most of the items listed above and both have a spinner right now. (I did not purchase either of them-grandparents)

But looking at the rage over the spinner got me to thinking. (Ya’ll know how I am.) J All over America, and most likely more states; parents are running out buying these spinners just like many of us do whenever some new-fangled gadget comes out. I’m saying all this to ask one question…“what does it bring?” The answer, “temporary pleasure, or gratification.” So often people search for temporary pleasure or fixes in life.  The bible tells us is in, 2 Timothy 2:22a Flee also youthful passions or lusts.” (A youthful lust is basically something that is fleeting, short lived or a FAD.) The scripture goes on to say, But pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.”

I am in no way calling fads evil, but I’m saying think about this, what if as many parents and children running out to get a spinner, were all out spreading the good news of Jesus Christ! What if just as many as owned beanie babies when they came out, were out sharing Christian love by testifying of Christ or feeding the hungry? The word of God is everlasting and though heaven and earth along with all these fads will pass away, God’s word is ever delivering. It will not be here today and gone tomorrow. Are you running after it? Are you telling everyone about it? It still saves! It is NOT a FAD.

Think about it!

Trust Him, That much!

4 May


I recently had to give my baby girl some meds. She has some terrible allergies. This day in particular I had to give her more than one type of medication so it was important to give it to her correctly in dosage and time wise. All I had to do was call her into the kitchen and tell her, it was time for medicine. She’s a big girl now so there was not fight or fuss. She came right over and opened her mouth, trusting mommy to give her the right amount of medicine to help her feel better. The medicine doesn’t taste good but she still didn’t rebel.

Though she knows the power of prayer and knows all about Jesus as her ultimate healer, she also trusts mommy to give her things that are good for her. This got me to thinking …wow, this child trusts that what I’m giving her is ok, it’s good for her and won’t cause any harm. She has no doubt in her mind that I’m trying to do what’s best for her. She has no reservations, no questions, only…trust.

Just watching my baby come in the kitchen and simply take her medicine make me check my trust level with Jesus! When it comes to times of need, or trouble, or spiritual “sickness,” am I trusting Him without question, reservations or hesitation? Are you?

Do I fuss and fight when He is directing me to do something I may not want to do but that is better for me in the long run? Do you? Do I try to avoid following His instructions when He has my best interest at heart? Do you? Do I pretend I’m fine and don’t need words of wisdom He is sending though my man of God? Do you?

Often we may try to figure things out ourselves, leading to anxiety, fear, depression and or bad decisions when all we need to do is simply obey God’s word…and trust Him.

Proverbs 3:5- “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”

Trusting Him lead to great results. Psalms 84:12 “O Lord of hosts, Blessed is the man who trusts in You!”

Think about it!